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Dr. Abel’s Eye Advisory provides you with options for both traditional and complementary remedies for common eye conditions and total wellness. With over 35 years practicing ophthalmology and 20 years researching alternative remedies, Dr. Abel bridges the gap between Eastern and Western medicine to inform you how the eye is connected to the rest of the body. In pursuit of this balanced, holistic model, Dr. Abel has has partnered with fellow ophthalmologist, Dr. Randall Bellows to develop a new vitamin dedicated to support optimal macular health.

Available Now!

Eye Complex CS
Dr. Abel has released a new eye vitamin to support optimal macular health. Visit Eye Complex CS’s brand new website and find out more!

Order online today or call 1-800-805-2932 and you will receive the first month for free!

Eye Care Revolution
Over 100,000 copies sold! From high-tech laser treatments to centuries-old Asian remedies, Dr. Abel’s authoritative guide explains natural and conventional methods to prevent and even reverse many common vision disorders.

In the Media

Dr. Abel on Fox News Baltimore
Dr Abel discusses how simple nutrition, including supplements, can preserve and restore most common eye disorders with Baltimore’s Fox News host Mary McKenzie.

Dr. Abel on The People’s Pharmacy
Dr. Abel discusses with Joe and Terry Graedon how natural approaches including diet and supplements can help us avoid common vision problems and protect our sight.

In Bookstores

The Lumi Series
Dr. Abel has created the graphic character, Lumi, in order to introduce the variation in animals’ eyes. Lumi will take children on a journey, which will relate pictures of animals and their eyes to aspects of their lifestyle. This is the first in a series where Lumi will be a guide to children’s health.

Last Sighting

In the second novel in Dr. Abel’s series, Dr. Lauren Chandler discovers pathways to the brian allowing her to know the last person one sees before they die. Hunted down by the NSA and a ruthless multinational organization pledging revenge for the demise of the publishing industry, Lethal hindsight takes you on a hi-speed journey around the world.

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    The Eye-Brain Connection
    The retina in the eye is an extension of the brain. The eye supplies 100 times more nerve fibers to the brain than the ear. Therefore, many connections can be made between the health of the eye and the brain.

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