Dr. Abel in the News

Dr. Abel on Baltimore’s Fox News
Interviewed on Fox News’ Health Alert, Dr. Abel discuss’ alternative approaches to eye health, including how to stop the progression of cataracts through nutrition.

Dr. Abel in the Media

Eye Complex CS
Dr. Abel collaborated with fellow ophthalmologist, Dr. Randy Bellows, to create Eye Complex CS, the most complete nutritional supplement available to help improve the health of your eyes.


Dr. Abel on The People’s Pharmacy
Dr. Abel discusses with Joe and Terry Graedon how natural approaches including diet and supplements can help us avoid common vision problems and protect our sight.

Published by Dr. Abel

The Eye Care Revolution
Over 100,000 copies sold! From high-tech laser treatments to centuries-old Asian remedies, Dr. Abel’s authoritative guide explains natural and conventional methods to prevent and even reverse many common eye disorders.

“Surprising Conditions That Can Steal Your Sight”
In Bottom Line Health, Dr. Abel writes about how a number of common physical ailments are hidden risk factors for eye disorders.

More on Eye Advisory


Eye Conditions
Dr. Abel discusses both eastern and western approaches to a wide variety of eye conditions


Connecting the whole body, Dr Abel provides you with advice for the health and care of your eyes


Meet Lumi!
Dr. Abel and his health sidekick visit the eyes of animals to promote healthy vision. Stay tuned to Lumi’s next adventure!


Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants
Dr. Abel is the founder of DOC, a multi-specialty eye care team of physicians in Delaware