• Robert Abel Jr MD

    A foremost practitioner of 21st century eyecare, Dr. Abel has combined traditional and natural complimentary therapies in his practice and teachings.

  • Eye Complex CS
    Dr. Abel releases new eye vitamin developed for optimal macular support

  • Lethal Hindsight

    Dr. Lauren Chandler, a researcher and ophthalmologist stumbles on an international plot that could change the balance of power in Europe.

  • Nutritional Industry

    Many leading companies consult with Dr. Abel because of his expertise in selecting the best nutrients for the eyes

  • Wellness Consultant

    Dr Abel moderating a panel at the Delaware State Chamber Of Commerce Wellness Conference

  • Pursuit of Wellness

    Dr. Abel teaches eye-body medicine, sharing medical knowledge with health care professionals and the public


Dr. Abel’s Eye Advisory provides you with options for both traditional and complementary remedies for common eye conditions and total wellness. The eye is a window into the whole body. Healthy vision depends on lifestyle and dietary choices. With over 35 years practicing ophthalmology and 20 years researching alternative remedies, Dr. Abel bridges the gap between Eastern and Western medicine to inform you how the eye is connected to the rest of the body.

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Dr. Abel in Energy Times

Dr. Abel and his patients share their experience on ocular prevention

Dr. Abel featured in Delaware Today

A local ophthalmologist’s mystery book is an education in eye health.

Dr. Abel teaches eye-body medicine, sharing medical knowledge with health care professionals and the public


Connecting the whole body, Dr Abel provides you with advice for the health and care of your eyes

Meet Lumi!

Dr. Abel and his health sidekick visit the eyes of animals to promote healthy vision. Stay tuned to Lumi’s next adventure! Come visit Lumi ON FACEBOOK!

Eye Conditions

Dr. Abel discusses both eastern and western approaches to a wide variety of eye conditions

Delaware Ophthalmology Consultants

Dr. Abel is the founder of DOC a multi-specialty eye care team of physicians in Delaware

On Dr. Abel

Ophthalmologist, educator and author, Dr. Abel continues to be featured in many publications, radio and television

Eye Tip of the Month

The Eye-Brain Connection
The retina in the eye is an extension of the brain. The eye supplies 100 times more nerve fibers to the brain than the ear. Therefore, many connections can be made between the health of the eye and the brain. For example, depression, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, nearsightedness and even memory are evident in both the eye and the brain. This is explained in detail in Chapter 21 of the new edition of The Eye Care Revolution.

In the future, eye examinations will be able to predict the early stages of MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s as well as many general medical conditions. This information will assist in the development of treatments for these and many other conditions. I will be lecturing on this subject in New York on Feb 1 and at the Integrative Health Symposium and in London on March 14.

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    Eye Complex CS Dr. Abel has released a new eye vitamin to support optimal macular health. Visit Eye Complex CS's brand new website and find out more!
  • Lethal Hindsight Trailer
    The Eye Care Revolution
    Over 100,000 copies sold! From high-tech laser treatments to centuries-old Asian remedies, Dr. Abel's authoritative guide explains natural and conventional methods to prevent and even reverse many common vision disorders.

  • Dr. Abel on Baltimore TV

  • Protecting Eyesite

    Dr. Abel discusses with Joe and Terry Graedon how natural approaches including diet and supplements can help us avoid common vision problems and protect our sight.

  • A Lethal Trailer!

    Lethal Hindsight Trailer
  • Available Now!

    Lethal Hindsight Trailer
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