Tips For Living a Healthier and Balanced Life
We are bombarded from all sides by environmental exposures, the air we breathe, our choices of food, our lifestyles and our occasional lack of direction. Like you, I struggle to find a simple formula as a guide to well-being.

For years, I have used the acronym, “NEWBARS” as a way to approach the individual components of my daily life and decision-making process. So let me share them with you:

Nutrition and supplement selection.

Exercise and stretching.

Water: clean filtered water.

Breath: deep intentional rhythmic breathing.

Alternative medical choices – choose the least invasive options and those treating causes and not just symptoms

Relaxation and stress relief: planning a five-minute or one-hour or one-day break in the routine

Socialization and spirituality.

Intention toward initiating a new exercise or changing a habit is the essential first step. The Chinese say it takes 100 days of repetition in order to make something a habit.

NEWBARS is a daily commitment to healthy living that is unique to you. These seven steps may include avoiding over-consumption at each meal, adding more green leafy vegetables, stretching twice daily or just simply breathing deeply in order to extinguish the mental chatter from our day.

We all need to find balance in our external and internal lives. We create our own barriers and therefore the solutions require insight, intention and implementation – with an eye on health and prevention!