The Amazing Value Of The Compounding Pharmacy


I was fortunate to have on my radio show Brenda Pavlic RPh of Saveway Compounding Pharmacy in Delaware. If you’ve never heard of a compounding pharmacy and you should pay special attention to this blog. These pharmacies can make a wider variety of medication and individualized formulas than can a conventional pharmacy.

A compounding pharmacy is able to take intravenous and other medications without preservatives, and make them into specific formulas for individuals with glaucoma and dry eyes who become sensitized to the various conventional eye drops. These pharmacies are vitally important. People can get the medicines they require without having to suffer or undergo surgery. There are numerous eye emergencies whereby patients who are resistant to the conventional antibiotics can have an effective formula created from an intravenous drug. In fact, for postoperative eye infections is unusual to perform immediate surgery because of the advent of compounding pharmacies and availability of higher strength antibiotic dosages.

Conventional pharmacies are limited by the products available from pharmaceutical companies and because they often want to limit the choices of products. A compounding pharmacy does not have those restrictions and, therefore, can provide patients with a much broader range of medications and medications without preservatives. Furthermore, they can reduce or increase the strength of a medicine that is not be commercially available. However they do not make neutriceuticals so you still have to take you Eye Complex CS separately.

I tip my hat to compounding pharmacies for what they have done for ophthalmology, other medical specialties and veterinary medicine. For further information, please feel free to contact Brenda or Calvin at